Ohio Region Events

The following active links will take you to the appropriate Ohio sign-up pages for events happening in the Ohio Region.  Many of them require a fee be paid.  Note: you will be redirected to Paypal for payment. *Check Ohio Regions event list (right-hand column) or calendar for event dates.

Be sure to enroll your self in the class on NSP.org. There is no charge to enroll with National.  This will provide a mechanism for tracking your course credit.   Following your sign-up  (note course number on the waiver, you will need it). For more information see NSP Enrollment.  

2018 Central Division Patroller Conference

Instructor Continuing Education

  • OEC/ID Continuing Education  Session
  • Senior Trainer/Evaluator Session

Senior Electives

Senior Module Events

  • Senior SKI Prep Clinic (closed)
  • Senior TOBOGGAN Prep Clinic (closed)

  • OEC Module of Senior (CANDIDATES ONLY)
  • Support Team – OEC Module of Senior

  • Aid Room Module of Senior Test
  • Ski Module of Senior Test
  • Toboggan Module of Senior Test

SnowSport Enhancement Seminars

  • Alpine Valley (this event has been canceled)
  • BMBW
  • MRM
  • Paoli
  • SnowTrails

Toboggan Enhancement Seminars 

  • Alpine Valley (canceled)
  • BMBW (canceled)
  • MRM
  • Paoli
  • SnowTrails

Toboggan Trainers Workshop 

  • Alpine Valley
  • BMBW (canceled)
  • MRM
  • Paoli Peaks
  • Snow Trails

Ohio Region Women’s Program

  •   Women’s’ Clinic
  • Women’s D-Team

These events are by invitation only:

  • Certified Pre-Qualification/ Recert Clinic
  • Ohio Region Alpine Skills Development Workshop (ASDW)  

Online Evaluation of On-snow Events (excluding Senior)