Ohio Region Events

The following active links will take you to the appropriate Ohio sign-up pages for events happening in the Ohio Region.  Many of them require a fee be paid.  Note: you will be redirected to Paypal for payment. Check Ohio Regions event list or calendar for event dates.

Be sure to enroll your self in the class on NSP.org. There is no charge to enroll with National.  This will provide a mechanism for tracking your course credit.   Following your sign-up, note course number on the waiver, you will need it. For more information see NSP Enrollment.  

Instructor Continuing Education

  • OEC/ID Continuing Education  Session
  • Senior Trainer/Evaluator Session

Senior Electives

Senior Module Events

  • Senior SKI Prep Clinic (closed)
  • Senior TOBOGGAN Prep Clinic (closed)

  • OEC Module of Senior (CANDIDATES ONLY)
  • Support Team – OEC Module of Senior

  • Aid Room Module of Senior Test
  • Ski Module of Senior Test
  • Toboggan Module of Senior Test

SnowSport Enhancement Seminars

  • Alpine Valley (this event has been canceled)
  • BMBW
  • MRM
  • Paoli
  • SnowTrails

Toboggan Enhancement Seminars 

  • Alpine Valley (canceled)
  • BMBW (canceled)
  • MRM
  • Paoli
  • SnowTrails

Toboggan Trainers Workshop 

  • Alpine Valley
  • BMBW (canceled)
  • MRM
  • Paoli Peaks
  • Snow Trails

Ohio Region Women’s Program

  •  Women’s’ Clinic
  • Women’s D-Team

These events are by invitation only:

  • Certified Pre-Qualification/ Recert Clinic
  • Ohio Region Alpine Skills Development Workshop (ASDW)  

*The following online form can be used to evaluate on snow training programs.

Online Evaluation of On-snow Events (excluding Senior)