Last Chance Refresher!

The Nordic Refresher will take place on November 8th at the Boston Mills Ski Area from 5:30 to whenever we get done. Registration and dinner will be available at 5:30-6:00 pm and we will start promptly at 6!. Please bring the following with you!

1) Completed Waiver Form-Download and print.

2) Completed On-Line Refresher Certificate- Go to the website and click on Member Resources. You then just click on the On-Line Refresher tab and you are on your own. The passwords and username are different from the website so you may have to play the “forgot my password/username” game.

3) Completed Refresher Guide- we will be checking them!

4) Check/Money Order/Cash- made out to Cuyahoga Nordics Ski Patrol in the amount of $35.00 (this is tax deductible!)

5) CPR CARD –  I will not be checking them but you should have renewed your CPR this year

6) First Aid Fanny Pack/Backpack ready to go!- time to change those batteries, grab some gloves, and inventory what you have and what you need. Much of what we will be doing this year will involve pulling out those cravats, dressings, and bandages.

7) Register for the course on the NSP website- instructions below!
a) login at
b) click on “Member Resources”
c) click on “Course Schedule”
d) click on “Course Number Equals”
e) type in C06817001
f) click on the course title
g) click on “Register Myself”
h) follow all prompts and make sure that it shows you are registered.
In order to determine how much food to order, I need you to log in and enroll on-line ASAP. It is also the only way that you get credit for attending.
– If this does not work, try using “Central” Division with the keyword “Refresher”. If you sort by date you will be able to find this refresher in tab 5.

BE ON TIME!- We start promptly at 6 pm for the refresher and I need to get everyone fed and registered while also teaching a refresher. It is a lot to get done in a short amount of time so please help everyone out so we can get in and get it all done.

If you have problems or concerns please e-mail me or contact me by phone. I work weekends and weekdays but I am more available on weekends (I teach high school during the day) by phone or text message (please identify yourself in your text. E-mail works and you just need to send it to

Daryl Knauss