New National Registration Process

Written by Brian Monroe

Everyone has most likely had some experience with the Center for Learning on the NSP webpage. Gone are the days of course numbers. You need to now search for your events. Here’s a quick reference:

  1. Go to and Log in,

  2. Select Center for Learning

  3. Select Browse Catalog (yellow box)

  4. In the Box on the Left Side select OUTDOOR EMERGENCY


  5. Find the event you want to attend: (see below) Enroll

    TES: Toboggan Enhancement Seminar
    TTW: Toboggan Trainers Workshop: (for instructors who are being certified or recertified as instructors)

    SES: Snowsports Enhancement Seminar (there is a small fee associated with this on

    STW: Snowsports Trainers Workshop

    OETS: Outdoor Emergency Transportation Skills: (this covers all Zoom sessions, Dryland session or other OET events not directly associated with any of the above items. Before the Senior OET Test we will be holding a calibration for all those involved as Evaluators or Toboggan handlers. You will be asked to register for a course in this category.

  6. Find by date & location the event you want to attend – SELECT 

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