2023 Fall Edition of The Downhill

Our newsletter is back!   Follow this link to view the 2023 Fall Edition Downhill!

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Cancelled Event: Mountain Travel & Rescue Level 1

Look for this course to be rescheduled In March 2024.

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Calling all OEC ITs

If you are an OEC IT it is that time of year again; time to provide QA to our various OEC programs around the region.   Please take the time to use the online sign up tool.

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2023 Spring Awards Ceremony and Banquet

We hope you saved this date:  April 29, 2023.  It is spring banquet and celebration time.  Follow this link for registration.

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Senior Ski & Toboggan Venue Change

The Senior Ski &Toboggan Test has been moved to Perfect North Slopes.  The date remains unchanged, February 11 & 12, 2023.

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Avalanche Level 1 – January 29, 2023!

Avalanche Course: Avalanche Level 1 – Module 1, classroom session
National Ski Patrol has been providing avalanche education to ski patrollers and other search and rescue personnel since 1957, making it one of the oldest and most experienced avalanche education associations in North America. NSP offers avalanche education for all backcountry enthusiasts, from first-time recreationalist to search and rescue professionals.

Dates: Sunday, January 29, 2023, at 9:00am
Location: Comfort Inn is 260 Northview Dr. Bellefontaine, OH. Near Mad River Mountain
Cost: $25
Materials Needed: Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain ($20) and Avalanche Essentials ($15)
Both can be purchased on Amazon
Registration: Visit NSP.org and follow these instructions:

  • Click on Center for Learning
  • Click Browse Catalog
  • Using the Search Bar, type “Avalanche”
  • Click “Enroll” for the Avalanche Level 1 Module 1 – Classroom Avalanche Foundations
  • Select “Avalanche Level 1 Module 1 – Mad River Mtn, OHIO”
  • Scroll to the bottom and click “Submit”
  • Once you’ve done that, you sign your waiver and pay for the course here: 
  • https://www.ohionsp.org/ohio-region-events/avalanche-level-1-module-1
  • This counts toward a Senior elective

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2023 Ohio Region Women’s event has been cancelled

  Look into the event being held by Central Division.  The OHIO event that was to be held at Perfect North slopes on February 5, 2023 has now been CANCELED.

Central Division Womens clinic:  Cascade Mountain in Portage, WI           Cost: $60 

When: Friday, January 27, 2023 to Sunday, January 29, 2022.  For more information follow the link below.


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2023 National Registration Process for Snow Sports

Written by Brian Monroe

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2022-2023 Events Are Opening Registration

We have a variety of events to participate in this season; On Snow, toboggan, Senior  and Certified events.  Come on out and join your fellow patrollers for fun on the snow.   Take a look!

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Central Division Ski Patrol Festival: Boyne Highlands   Dec 10-11, 2022

The Ohio Region NSP would like to inform you about 2022 Central Division Ski Patrol Festival held at Boyne Highlands, MI   December 10-11.  Here are sessions you might be interested in checking out.

Session 7: Toboggan Trainers Prep Clinic:
This is a session for Toboggan Trainers who wish to sharpen their teaching and demonstrate skills with Division Staff and overall preparation for a successful Toboggan Trainer or IT candidate.  Minimum qualifications NSP Alpine Toboggan Trainer in good standing.

Session 2: Snowsports Trainers Workshop

Session Will Provide:  Focus on skiing/ride fundamentals and benchmarks as defined by PSIA/AASI in the Alpine Technical Manual and Snowboard Technical Manual for Region snow sports trainers.   This will also include Movement Analysis, Video review, and Movement Learning activities.

Session 3: PSIA/AASI Prep Workshop for NSP Trainers:

Designed for Region Trainers who already have their Level I or 2 PSIA certification and are actively preparing for their Level 2 or 3 examination.

Session 8: PSIA Alpine Level 1 Exam

Must be a member of PSIA and trying out for Level 1 certification.  You will be required to complete the online components prior to the on the snow assessment. Registration for this event must be done through PSIA. Contact psia@nspcd.org for questions.

Certification and Recertification sessions for IT’s, Senior Toboggan Trainers/Evaluators and Senior Ski/Ride Trainer Evaluators.  Contact ohioregionoet@gmail.com for more information.


Although we would love to have everyone attend, this event is open to the entire division and enrollment has been limited by the resort.  If you are interested, please use the link for nominations (you can nominate yourself).  We will let you know if you have been selected to attend by Nov. 1 so complete the form ASAP.  If not selected please know Central Division will also be holding a spring event at Crystal Mountain, March 9-10 with even more events. 


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