2019 On Snow Events in the Ohio Region

Most, but not all of the Ohio Region on snow events for this season are ready for sign-up.  If you are interested in attending an SES, TES, or a senior-specific event, follow this link.  Once on our events page, the active events will be underlined.  Select your event/events and get signed up!  Note the course number so you can enroll with National for NSP credit?  LET IT SNOW

Senior T/E Clinics

Just a reminder…. the T/E Clinic at Mad River is scheduled for Saturday 12/1.
If you plan to attend and have not registered, please do so.  This is open to Sr OEC Candidates as well as instructors interested in becoming T/Es.
The T/E Clinic scheduled for 12/16 at Snow Trails may be cancelled due to lack of registrations.
Happy Thanksgiving!🍗🍾

Instructor Development 10/20/2018

Instructor Development Teaching session being held at PNS, sign up is now open, #C106180016.  Go to our Events sign-up page and get registered. You must also enroll with National for NSP Credit.  Do not forget to bring your completion certificate from the online portion of the course. The online course number is #C106180015.

New Release from Liability Form

Staff, please note we now have a new liability release form. The old form is no longer being used.  You can find this new form on your website under Staff Resources/Forms.  The form is much shorter and user-friendly.  Do not forget to fill out the bottom section entitled “For records keeping”.  It will help guide the web/Electronic signing of the new release form.  We receive between 30-40 forms each season, all for different events at different areas.  Thank you for all you do for Ohio Region.