Instructor Development 10/20/2018

Instructor Development Teaching session being held at PNS, sign up is now open, #C106180016.  Go to our Events sign-up page and get registered. You must also enroll with National for NSP Credit.  Do not forget to bring your completion certificate from the online portion of the course. The online course number is #C106180015.

New Release from Liability Form

Staff, please note we now have a new liability release form. The old form is no longer being used.  You can find this new form on your website under Staff Resources/Forms.  The form is much shorter and user-friendly.  Do not forget to fill out the bottom section entitled “For records keeping”.  It will help guide the web/Electronic signing of the new release form.  We receive between 30-40 forms each season, all for different events at different areas.  Thank you for all you do for Ohio Region.

Instructor Development Class, PNS 10/20/2018

In order to be an instructor in any NSP discipline, you must complete Instructor Development (ID) training first. This training is offered in a hybrid format, which includes an online portion and an in-person portion.

You must complete the online portion first.  To do this:
        – Sign into NSP website and go to Member Resources.
        – Click on the Courses Schedule link.
        – On Course Number Equals, enter:  C106180015  and press Find.
        – Click on Instructor Development e-course and register.
        – To access the online class, go back to Member Resources.
        – Click on Online Courses and enter the Online Learning Management System.
        – Click on Courses on the upper left-hand corner and choose Instructor Development e-course. This will launch the course.
        Every page must be completed in order to continue. Print your certificate upon completion and bring it with you on Oct 20th.
Watch for more information on the in-person teaching experience.  You do not have to do your teaching experience at PNS.  There may be another teaching session later in the season.  Your online experience does not expire.

Ohio Region Strong

Patrollers making Aerial Rescue Safer:
Ascending Team for Special Needs Rescue at Boyne Highlands kicking off the MSAA Conference.
(Carl Woodcock, Tracy Buchanan, Jay Zedak, Richard R. Knight & not pictured Bill Specht)
#CascadeRescue, #PMI