What is an Alumni Member?

An Alumni member is a special registration category for people who  no longer want to provide emergency care or rescue services but wish to continue their involvement with the National Ski Patrol.

The NSP Alumni Members started in 1977 to maintain contact with former members and keep them informed of events and activities.  Today the Alumni and Secondary Alumni Members total more than 3500.

Why join the Alumni Members?

By joining as an Alumni Member you can continue to be part of the largest winter rescue organization in the world.  Better yet, your involvement provides you with the opportunity to support the national organization on a new level.

As an alumni member you won’t be required to maintain any skill or educational requirements; however, depending on local needs and your experience, you can maintain your status as an instructor and continue as a valued part of patrol and area operations. Depending on local needs and experience, you might be asked to serve/assist, for example,  during annual OEC refreshers, at annual ski swaps and other patrol and community service events..

Several areas in the nation have already taken advantage of their alumni’s local knowledge and experience.  A valued force within NSP, alumni members often attend ski patrol; events, help recruit new members, provide administrative and OEC help, give safety talks, and participate in other community service activities.

Regardless of the scope of involvement, becoming an Alumni Member contributes to the success of ski patrolling at the local and national levels.

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Other Benefits

Alumni Members receive:

  • A subscription to Ski Patrol Magazine
  • Access to NSP Fall and Summer Catalog merchandise
  • Access to member side of NSP web site
  • Access to local patrol, Ohio Region and Central Division web sites
  • Opportunity to participate in NSP-sponsored events
  • Membership dues (presently $30/annum) that may be tax deductible
  • Opportunity to network with other Alumni via Facebook or other similar web-based, social networking tool
  • Continued years of service with the NSP and eligibility for service awards
  • Depending upon local policy, active patroller benefits such as meal and lift ticket discounts, but cannot wear the ‘official NSP uniform’ that the area uses to designate active patrollers
  • Depending on local policy, the opportunity to register as secondary members
  • Opportunity to vote in NSP elections

Ohio Region Goals

  • Assist forming a local alumni group to region patrols
  • Assist retiring members by emailing them an alumni membership application
  • Assist local patrols as needed and requested

For more information:

Contact Alumni Advisor Bill Currier,

See Alumni page on NSP web site



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