Ohio Region Staff & Advisor Role Openings

Our Ohio Region Administrators periodically need self-motivated people to fill important region positions. Review the positions listed below. If interested and qualified,  apply online.  Please note when you select “apply online” the application will open in a new tab.  This will allow you to go back and forth for ease of application completion.  The same application is used for all positions.  Applying for a position does not guarantee placement.

Region Assistant Certified Program Supervisor

  • Support Central Division Certified Program
  • Serves as resource for Patrol, Region, Division and National Certified program
  • Works with Division and Region Certified Program Supervisor
  • Maintains communication with members
  • Submits Downhill articles two times per year
  • Gather, develop and disseminate information to Certified staff members, supporters, and Region leadership regarding the mission, programs, and services provided through the Certified program to the Ohio Region/Central Division membership
  • Build and promote relationships between staff members and the NSP leadership at every level through proactive communications including articles, website, e‐mails, and personal contacts
  • Collect and review applications for acceptance of new candidates to the Certified Program with Region/Division Advisor
    Manage, mentor and track the progress of the Certified Candidates who have been accepted into the Certified program
  • Manage, mentor and track the refresher cycle of the Certified Staff members to ensure compliance with National and Division standard
  • Ensure the organization and consistent administration of Certified qualification nics in the Ohio Region
  • Assist in the planning, organizing, promotion, and administration of the annual Certified qualification clinic
  • Ensure the application and administration of a consistent set of standards and quality controls to the Certified Program
  • Serve as a resource to National, Division and Region leadership and staff as they perform assumed responsibilities
  • Prepare and submit expense vouchers to the Region Treasurer on a timely basis


Work with local patrols and the Central Division in
determining the best practices necessary to :
A. Attract new patrol applicants.
B. Define candidate selection criteria.
C. Select new patrol candidates.
D. Retain candidates through training and mentoring.


A. Strong leadership skills

B. Good communication and teambuilding skills
C. Experience with recruiting efforts within NSP or another
D. Ability to research, evaluate and distribute resources
that would be helpful in accomplishing the
responsibilities listed above
REPORTS TO Assistant Region Director – Administration

Assistant OEC Administrator(ROA)

  • Must be a registered Senior or Certified Patroller, OEC IT or actively pursuing IT certification
  • Responsible for overseeing the records and activities for all OEC instructors in the Ohio Region
  • Responsible for overseeing the administration of the annual OEC refreshers and Quality Assurance requirements in the Ohio Region
  • Must have good organizational and administrative skills
  • Must be a team player as this role requires working closely with the Region Senior OEC Training Coordinator,
  • Aid Room Management(ARM) Administrator and the Region Senior Program Advisor
  • Reports to the  Region OEC Administrator  & Region Director of Proficiency


  • Oversees the OEC Module of the Senior Program, including planning, executing, and maintaining records for the Senior OEC Test
  • Oversees the Region Trainer/Evaluator(T/E) calibration and recertification clinics, including planning, execution and maintaining records of Region t T/E clinics
  • Must be a registered Senior Patroller
  • Must be a current Senior OEC Trainer/Evaluator(T/E)
  • Must have good organizational and administrative skills
  • Must be a team player as this role requires working closely with the Region OEC Administrator(ROA) and the
  • Region Senior Program Advisor
  • Reports to the Region OEC Administrator (ROA) &  ARD of Proficiency

    Region Records Digitization — Project Manager

    A. Implement the conversion of existing hard copy Region records to digital format for cloud storage. Records include:
    1. Issues of Downhill
    2. Board meeting minutes and end of year reports from Officers and Advisors
    3.Organizational charts
    4. Budgets
    5. Bylaws
    6. Policies and procedures
    7. Records of awards received by Region Patrollers/ Patrols at the Region, Division and National levels
    8. Patroller rosters from each Region Patrol
    9. Patrol newsletters

    B. Work involved:
    1. Set up a cloud storage account.
    2. Sort and organize existing records.
    3. Develop an estimate and submit a budget request that includes the cost of hiring an outside digital services company.
    4. Engage and manage the services of an outside company as needed.
    5. Complete the project within budget and schedule (2019-2020 season).

    A. Project management skills
    B.Experience with electronic media and information conversion/management.
    C.Good communication and interpersonal skills.
    Assistant Region Director – Administration


    Coordinators Instructor Development Instructor Trainers within the Region to complete ID training and promote effective mentoring to develop new IT’s
    Maintains current and accurate records for the ID program
    Administers ID training courses
    Must be a current ID or ID IT instructor or willing be to meet the requirement to become an ID instructor & IT
    Must have good organizational and administrative skills
    Reports to the Assistant Region Director of Proficiency

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