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Ohio Region Staff & Advisor Role Openings

Our Ohio Region Administrators periodically need self-motivated people to fill important region positions. Review the positions listed below. If interested and qualified,  apply online.  Please note when you select “apply online” the application will open in a new tab.  This will allow you to go back and forth for ease of application completion.  The same application is used for all positions.  Applying for a position does not guarantee placement.


NSP-C Snowsports School Advisor


Must be a registered Senior or Certified Patroller, Member of the NSP-C Snowsports School, PSIA/AASI Level 2 or 3.
Must have good organizational and administrative skills
Must be a team player as this role requires working closely with the OET Advisor and Senior Program Advisor to coordinate and administer Region events and training

Note: We will consider a candidate who is PSIA/AASI level 1 if they are actively training towards level 2 certification and planning on testing during the next available testing period.

Duties and Responsibilities: (this is a partial list. A full description is available in both the National and Ohio Region PNPs).

Responsible for the coordination and administration of all SES’s in the Ohio Region
Responsible for promoting the Region Snowsports School using PSIA/AASI teaching and instruction standards and methodology through Region SES’s and other Region S & T Clinics
Provides support and training opportunities to those instructors seeking PSIA/AASI certification
Reports to the Assistant Region Director of Proficiency

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Instructor Development (ID) Administrator


Must be a current ID Instructor Trainer (ID IT), or is actively pursuing IT certification
Is a current and active ID Instructor
Has strong organizational, administrative, and communication skills

Duties and Responsibilities:

Coordinates all ID activities in the Ohio Region
Oversees the records and activities of all ID instructors and I.T.s in the Ohio Region, including: developing, recruiting, training, and evaluating instructors and I.T.s
Manages the Quality Assurance requirements for the ID program in the Ohio Region, with specific focus on Instructor Trainer scheduling and oversight
Delivers and supports ID instructor continuing education efforts, which are infused into all disciplines’ instructor continuing education efforts (i.e. OEC, MTR, OET, ID, and Avi)
Reports to the Assistant Region Director of Proficiency

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