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Ohio Region Staff & Advisor Role Openings

Our Ohio Region Administrators periodically need self-motivated people to fill important region positions. Review the positions listed below. If interested and qualified,  apply online.  Please note when you select “apply online” the application will open in a new tab.  This will allow you to go back and forth for ease of application completion.  The same application is used for all positions.  Applying for a position does not guarantee placement.

Senior Program Administrator

• Support Central Division Senior Program
• Serves as a resource for Patrol, Region, Division and National Senior program
• Works with Division Senior Program Administrator and the Region Senior MSP-OEC
Program Administrator
• Maintains communication with Region Senior Candidates
• Gather, develop and disseminate information to Senior Evaluators, candidates and
Region leadership regarding the mission, programs, and services provided through the
Senior program to the Ohio Region Senior Candidates and Senior Evaluators
• Collect applications of new candidates to the Senior Program.
• Manage, mentor, and track the progress of the Senior Candidates in the Ohio Region
• Ensure the organization and consistent quality of the Ohio Region Senior Evaluations.
• Assist in the planning, organizing, promotion, and administration of the Senior Ski and
Toboggan Evaluations.
• Ensure the application and administration of a consistent set of standards and quality
during the Senior Ski and Toboggan Evaluations.
• Prepare and submit expense vouchers to the Region Treasurer on a timely basis
A. Ohio Region Senior Alpine Patroller in good standing
B. Ability to communicate across the Region and Division with strong written and
verbal communication skills
C. Organized with solid administrative capabilities using electronic record-keeping
systems, able to complete needed paperwork in accordance with established
deadlines, and maintain adequate records
D. Recommended but not required
Instructor, Toboggan IT or Senior Evaluator in related field (Alpine, Toboggan, OEC)

REPORTS TO Assistant Region Director of Programs /Division Senior Advisor /Region

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