Snowsports School Feedback Form

Thank you for attending one of our Snowsports School events!  We are happy that you are investing in yourself to enhance your ski/ride or toboggan handling skills on the slopes.  We would love to receive your feedback through answers to the questions below and look forward to any suggestions you may have to help us to continue to improve the programs.

    Location for the event taken:

    Session that you attended:

    For the following, please select what most closely represents your view of the statements listed:

    1. The session met my expectations for the day - AgreeNeutralDisagree

    2. I received individual feedback during the day -

    3. My individual objectives in attending were met - AgreeNeutralDisagree

    4. My trainer was well prepared and knowledgeable - AgreeNeutralDisagree

    5. The training environment was positive and supportive - AgreeNeutralDisagree

    6. The host location and facilities were effective for this event - AgreeNeutralDisagree

    7. The event overall was well organized with effective communications AgreeNeutralDisagree

    8. The new sign up process (on Sign Up Genius) was easy to follow with good info and reminders