Welcome to the Certified Program for the Ohio Region


Certified Mission Statement

Certified is a national skills development and verification program that provides a readily identifiable resource of highly motivated, skilled, and knowledgeable patrollers to better serve NSP, ski area management and the outdoor recreation community.

Central Division Certified Program Prerequisites

  • NSP membership status: Senior
  • Registered NSP patroller for minimum of 5 years
  • Current Outdoor Emergency Care certification
  • Positions of leadership in the NSP, advisory or officer capacity and participate in the training and testing of NSP members at the patrol, region or division level
  • Substantial contributions to the sport of skiing
  • Applications due to Region Program Advisor prior to January 1 (Download App Here)
  • Program fee $25 first year, $15 for years two and three
  • Attend a Certified Qualification Clinic and demonstrate the skiing and tobogganing skills necessary to be accepted into the program

Central Division Certified Exam Modules

  • Skiing
  • Toboggan (Loaded, Unloaded, Skills Course)
  • OEC (Written, Bystander, Practical)
  • Avalanche (Written, Interview, Field Search)
  • Chair Evacuation
  • Risk Management/Area Operations
  • Low Angle Rescue

Resources for the Certified Program

Ohio Region Certified Advisor

Jim Seeger  #789
email :

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