Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET)

Unique to the National Ski Patrol, the Transportation Program offers guidelines for area management to use to set the standard of training for its patrollers who operate toboggans. From the training of basic candidates to honing the skills of Transportation instructors, this program ensures training opportunities for NSP Patrollers. In the Ohio Region, the OET program conducts training seminars (Toboggan Enhancement Seminars or TES’s) designed to offer patrollers at all levels to enhance their toboggan handling skills. The goals of the TES is to improve the toboggan-handling skills of NSP members, improve patroller image within the snowsports industry, maintain interest in patroller education, and provide a valuable program for the industry. The participants will demonstrate their ability to identify personal toboggan-handling strengths and weaknesses, develop individual activities/exercises for continued improvement, and identify opportunities for additional training at the patrol level.

Additionally, the OET program in the Ohio Region credentials toboggan instructors in accordance with the standards and procedures of the Central Division NSP.

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