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Located on this page are documents and links to podcasts and videos that pertain to Snowsports & OET  to provide resources for instructors, patrollers, or candidates.   For any questions contact Brian Monroe,  OET advisor:      Newly added material has been signified with a     New!   Highly Recommended material has been signified with a

Outdoor Emergency Transportation Manual 
The ABC’s of the Outdoor Emergency Transportation Program  (Abbreviations) 5 Fundamentals for Skiers & Associated Drills.
OET Toboggan Training Supplemental Toboggan Enhancement Seminar
(TES) Guide.
6 Fundamentals for Snowboarders
10 Toboggan Tips 
Toboggan Trainers Workshop (TTW) Guide

6 Fundamentals for Telemark Skiers

Taking it Forward Card:   Boyne 2019  Senior Program Manual- Revised 2021. Terms Used in Skiing
The 6 Pack & Lesson Plans New Senior Scorecards. (2024) Terms Used in Snowboard
6-Pack Lesson Card Senior TE Toboggan Evaluation     Observation Form Center of Mass over Base of Support & Physics of Skiing New!

Movement Analysis Handout

Toboggan Refresher
“Frosty” (TREF)
Toboggan Procedures: 10 Toboggan Tips.

Training/Event Release  rev 11/20

OET Skills:  designed for classes such as Zoom, Dryland, etc  



OET Instructor List: as of 4/1/24 Senior Evaluators: as of 2/22/24


PSIA/AASI Fundamentals Videos

5 Skiing Fundamentals Video 6 Snowboard Fundamentals Video 6 Telemark Fundamentals Video


Toboggan Maneuvers

Toboggan Procedures: 10 Toboggan Tips Toboggan Maneuvers Defined

These examples are from the NSP Central Division Senior Standard Videos. While these maneuvers are shown at the Senior level, they represent excellent demonstrations for any patroller or candidate.

Alpine Unloaded Approach Snowboard Approach Telemark Approach
Alpine Lead Toboggan Descent Snowboard Toboggan Delivery Telemark Lead Descent
Alpine Tail Toboggan Snowboard Lead Toboggan Descent Telemark Tail Toboggan
Loaded Toboggan: Moguls Snowboard Tail Toboggan Loaded Toboggan: Moguls
  SB Loaded Toboggan: Moguls  


NSP Central Division Senior Stanardard Videos
Deleted: These examples are from the NSP Central Division Senior Standard Videos. While these maneuvers are shown at the Senior level, they represent excellent demonstrations for any patroller or candidate.

Groomed Slope Skiing Groomed Slope Riding Groomed Slope Skiing
Steep Slope Skiing Steep Slope Riding Steep Slope Skiing
Mogul & Ungroomed Skiing Mogul & Ungroomed Riding Mogul & Ungroomed Skiing



Any videos with NSP leading the title are examples from the NSP Central Division Senior Standard Videos. While these maneuvers are shown at the Senior level, they represent excellent demonstrations for any patroller and candidate.

Wedge Turn Side Slip Wedge Turn
NSP Sideslip Video NSP Falling Leaf Video NSP Side Slip Video
Traverse1 Traverse 2 Flat Spins Traverse
NSP Falling Leaf Video

Deb Armstrong: Falling Leaf

Traverse NSP Falling Leaf Video
NSP Emergency Stop Video

Deb Armstrong: Hockey Stop

NSP Emergency Stop Videos NSP Emergency Stop Video
NSP Pivot Slip Video How to Twist 180’s NSP Pivot Slip Video
W-Turn/Dipsey Doo    
Kick Turns Climbing Up Hill  

Ohio OET Minute Tips

submit ideas for videos

  Traverse Tips   Tail Rope Operation in the Moguls
  Hockey Stop Tips   Mogul Practice with Brush Gates
      360o Toboggan Run: See all angles

please keep checking back in for additional videos.:

PSIA/AASI First Chair Podcasts

The PSIA/AASI Podcast is a short discussion with excellent snow sports teachers in various disciplines. The podcasts are 10-20 minutes in length and delve into Teaching and Technical Items. They have excellent ideas that we can utilize.   Here are the best.

Teaching Skills People Skills Skiing Fundamentals Skiing Technique Snowboard
The Learning Connection: Matt Boyd

People Skills and Teaching Skills 1.     People Skills #2.     People Skills #3 Dynamic Balance in Skiing: Emily Lovett

How to teach an Athletic Stance in skiing: Brenna Keller

Snowboard Technique
How to Control Chaos: Matt Boyd Instructor Decisions How to improve Touch with the fifth Fundamental

Ann Schorling Explains How to Incorporate People Skills into Your Lessons: 4 Ways to Move on a Snowboard (video)
Keep it Simple: Jonathan Ballou, Matt Boyd, Brenna Keller

  Why the Magic of Touch Will Improve Your Skiing

How Tactics Determine Your Technique: Josh Fogg Eric Rolls on Snowboard
Teaching People not Skills: Matt Boyd

  Jonathan Ballou Chats Alpine Fundamentals

How Fundamentals are important to Movement Analysis  
Teaching Skiing from the Snow Up:

  Twisting Legs for Better Turns:

Movement Analysis: Jonathan Ballou

Tracy Talks to The First Chair Podcast about Ski Patrol

  Importance of Examining Skills: Jeb Boyd How to take your skiing from Good to Awesome: Ballou   
Experiential Learning & Teaching (video)

    How to take your skiing from Good to Awesome pt 2  
American Teaching System and Learning Connection: Matt Boyd (video)

How to cross-teach discipline lessons

How to Coach vs What You Coach        

PSIA Go With A Pro Videos

Deb Armstrong Skiing/Teaching Videos

Deb is a former Olympian and PSIA L3 who now coaches kids. The videos below demonstrate skills that we all teach and are important to us. But more importantly, listen to how she teaches these kids, many of whom are 10 years old or younger. There are lessons here for all of us!



Center of Mass Foot Pressures Separation in Skiing Embrace the Wedge Indoor Activities to Simulate Ski Movements
Balancing No Bracing Edging Skills for Skiing Core Connections in the Upper and Lower Body for &  Beginner & Expert The Wedge Turn Use the Inside Leg to Turn
Discussion on Balance Hip and Body Alignment 1 Rotary Turn Demonstration & Explanation Hockey Stop Intermediate Skier, ReLeanrning: Exploration of getting better skiing
Ski conditioning: Balance Hip and Body Alignment 2  Turn Shape with Rotary Falling Leaf Drill First day of the Season, a focus for the Advanced Skier
Understanding Stance in Skiing  Hip movements, using hips in skiing How to Turn Your Legs Independently from the Upper Body Whirlybirds/Dipsydoos Advanced Carving Lessons
Understanding STANCE, Flexion Adjustments   Finese in Skiing, Rotary Movements Why Garlands Matter: Edging Skills Skills and Drill for Skiing Moguls
Training the Ankles     One Ski Skiing

Mogul Skiing: tactics, pole plants, edging, rotary, teaching focus points

      Javelin Turn Mechanics of Skiing with phases of a parallel turn
      Turn Shape Skiing on Ice 1 Skiing on Ice 2
Forward and Ankle Flexion, The Difference Explained     Carving Skills: Railroad Tracks and Skating Coaching & Instructing Women
Stroking the Ski Ski Clinic        
Fore & Aft Foot to Foot 2       How to use Video
Fore & Aft, Foot to Foot 3        


Skiing your feet: Rogan Drills for Separation: Rogan Making the Most of Your Edges Telemark Skiing Methoday
Path of Hips: Rogan Balance with Separation: Beaulieu Flexing for an Easier Ride PSIA Eastern Division TELE Videos
Stance: Terry Barbour Front Leg Steering for Faster Turns Snowboard Technical Manual: Carve  
3 Common Mistakes in a Turn: Mike Rogan Experimental Learning outcomes: with Jonathan Ballou. New! Snowboard off Piste  
Fundamentals Needed to Pass your PSIA L1: Mike Rogan, Great review of skiing concepts New! Fundamentals Needed to Pass your PSIA L2: Mike Rogan, Great views of higher-level of skiing New! Ice Tip for Snowboards  
Fundamentals Needed to Pass your PSIA L3: Mike Rogan. New! Ski Width: What’s the best ski for you. New!    
Another Video of Pivot Slips      
*** SKNG Ski School Videos ***


“How to Snowboard” for the Skiing OET Instructor

How to Snowboard 1 How to Snowboard 4 Edge Change with Flexion How to Ride Moguls
How to Snowboard 2 How to Snowboard 5 The Twist How to Ride Moguls 2
How to Snowboard 3 Ice Tips for Snowboarders Front Leg Steering  

Great Tools for Instructors:

There are many great tools for instructors. Here are a few.

OneForm (Formerly Hudl Technique) Video tool for the iPhone or Android. Allows the instructor to video and use tools to analyze a patroller. Slow Motion and drawing on screen. Videos can also be loaded into the problem from your camera roll. You also can share videos with commentary and markups. Link
DOUBLE TAKE Transforms your iPhone into a multi-cam studio allowing you to capture video from two cameras at the same time on recent devices. With this app, you record both the lead and tail at the same time, or a video in both wide angle and telephoto. Link
KIDS KUBE Although designed for teaching kids to ski, this app can provide good videos and ideas how to teach various skills. Link

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