New ID E-Class being offered

This  E-Class starts Feb 18th for online portion.  Enrollment and access to the online E-Class is as follows:

Sign into,  click on Member Resources tab.  Click the courses tab and enroll in the class using course number C106170013. Offered from 2/18/17 through 3/4/17.   This is to ensure you are credited for the class at National Office Data Base.
On Member Resources tab look for  Online Learning button and then enter the Online Learning Management System.  Click on the Courses tab at the top of the Online Learning page.  Click on Instructor Development.  This will launch the Draft Instructor Development course and you can begin Chapter 1.  Every page must be completed in entirety in order to progress. As you finish each chapter, click on NSP tab at the top of the page to continue to the next chapter.  Please contact Kim Corrigan at with any questions.

Join the fun!

It is February already.  Our ski season is going by fast, but there are still plenty of events on the calendar.  Several Toboggan experiences as well as Snow sports events.   Our events are listed in the right column as well as on the calendar. Do not miss out!

2017 Avalanche Level 1 Module 1

2017 Avalanche Level 1 Module 1 is coming to Mad River Mountain Saturday, February 18.  For people interested in Senior this is considered a senior elective.

This class is being hosted by Mad River Mountain.  The cost for the class is $25 to be paid to paypal.  Discount lunch tickets will be provided by Troy Green and MRM Management.  On site registration begins at 8am with the course concluding at or around 4:30pm.


Yesterday was Ohio Region OEC Module of Senior and Aid Room Module.  Let’s take time to congratulate our successful payrollers.

Pictures from left to right:

John Nassar and  Piotr Mroz both from Paoli, Chris Greenwood from PNS, Stuart Kanchuger (not pictured) and Jonah Tugaoen from MRM all passed Senior OEC.  Also pictured are Michael Ruckdaschel and Kristen McKenna from MRM passing the ARM.

Congratulations to all participants.